Shoot the Moon - Titusvile with the BAS

Saturday, October 5, 2019 - 6:00pm

Meeting Location: American Space Museum

308 Pine St, Titusville, FL.

Field Trip Description

Re: Camera Club of Brevard October Field Trip

An evening with the Brevard Astronomical Society (BAS) to “Shoot the Moon” during the International Observe the Moon Night

When- Saturday evening, October 5th

Location- American Space Museum in Titusville, 308 Pine St, Titusville

Map Location-

Time- Arrive at the Museum at 6:30 to 7:00 p.m.



This is a great opportunity to do a little lunar astrophotography, and the moon is definitely an easy place to start.  The moon will be just shy of first quarter (about half full). This allows for incredible detail along the terminator for the moon’s craters, hills, and valleys. Members of the Brevard Astronomical Society will be there to assist us.  We will have access to use their telescopes providing you (or a BAS member) has the correct camera to telescope mount/adaptor, see links below for these.


What you will need to bring

  • DSLR and/or Smartphone
  • Remote trigger (or use camera’s time delay), or Intervalometer 
  • One or more of the following:
    • A sturdy tripod and your longest telephoto lens (recommend 400mm or longer)
    • A telescope prime focus adaptor compatible with your DSLR or mirrorless camera body - see examples linked below:
    • Your smartphone and an adapter to allow you to mount it to a telescope eyepiece - see examples linked below:
    • Note: these are suggested products.  You may use an equivalent product.  Also, some BAS members might have a DSLR prime focus adaptor for your camera’s manufacturer, however this is not guaranteed.  Steve Ratts, our July program speaker, will have a Canon prime focus adaptor and a Smartphone mount for CCB members use.


You need to make sure you can trigger your camera for astronomical photography.  This includes your DSLR and your smartphone. We are all familiar with how your DSLR is triggered.  For Smartphones, you need an app that allows you to control for shutter speed, ISO and remote trigger.  Usually the stock camera app that comes with your phone doesn’t allow maula control of these settings, so you may need to download an app that will work such as NightCap Pro, or Night Camera for iPhone, or Camera FV-5 for Android. It’s recommended that you spend some time familiarizing yourself with how to use those apps to take night time photos ahead of the event.


You may want to also review the photography information on the BAS website titled Astrophotography for Amateur Photographers.  On the BAS website, there are a lot details for lunar astrophotography including the brief information provided above.  Link-  For more information, here is the BAS website’s home page-


The October field trip outing will be a unique opportunity to photograph a subject that is normally difficult to capture.  BAS members will assist us with their expertise and the use of their sophisticated telescope equipment. The sky will be dark around 8:00 when we will be able to begin taking photographs.  Please arrive at the American Space Museum between 6:30-7:00 pm to meet and greet the BAS members, and to begin to set-up your equipment. Before October 5th, please refresh your learning about how to take Moon photographs with the above information/links or other information you can find in books or on the internet.  


This field trip outing will be a lot of fun!