Monthly, Quarterly and APC Guidelines

Camera Club of Brevard photo contests allow members to display their recent work to the club and to view the recent work of other club members.  The CCB’s monthly and quarterly contests encourage members of the CCB to take photographs of announced “themes” and to enter these photographs for judging in the club's monthly meeting competitions.  The Annual Print Competition, held at the end of the year, is an opportunity for members to participate in an upscale photo competition where they submit their best photographs to compete with other club members.

There are two contest classes for entering photographs in the monthly and quarterly contests: Class A and Class B.  Members choose which class they wish to participate in.  Class A is for photographers with previous successes in photography contests or who are at an advanced level.  Class B is for photographers who have less experience with photo contests or who are not at the Class A level.  Note: the Annual Print Competition (APC) photographs are judged as a single class.

Members who enter photographs in Class B shall advance to Class A after proving success in Class B, or at the discretion of the CCB.  Class A members shall remain in Class A, or may move to Class B at the discretion of the CCB.