Creative Class

For the months that are “Open Themed” contest themes, we will include an additional Creative Class.  The Creative Class is designed for images that have been obviously manipulated to present an altered reality image from the original photograph.  This category is designed to showcase the imagination of the photographer, as well as the photographer’s skill with image editing or manipulation.  Images in this Creative Class category will be judged on their imagination, creativity, uniqueness, and editing.  This class would also include film photographers’ creative use of film exposure and darkroom techniques creating altered reality within film-based photography. 

The size of the photograph and the size of the mount/matte for the photograph shall be the same as in the monthly/quarterly contests. You may at your discretion attach a small photograph of the original image/s, or a description of your creative process, to the back of your Creative Class photograph.  This will allow CCB members to see how you created your Creative Class photograph.  Note, the contest judges will not view your original photograph or description on the back of your submitted photograph Elements within the photograph that are not the sole creation of the maker will disqualify the photograph.  All CCB members may enter up to two Creative Class images, as well as one Class A or Class B photograph in the “Open Themed” contests.