The management of the CCB shall be directed by the Executive Board comprised of the five elected Officers and appointed Directors, as outlined in Article 5. The Executive Board shall meet as often as necessary to transact the business of the CCB. Only Officers are entitled to voting privileges. Three Officers shall constitute a quorum.




Amendments to these bylaws may be proposed to the Executive Board by any club member in good standing and, if approved by the officers, shall be voted upon by the club membership for incorporation. A simple majority by voice vote of the club membership shall be required for passage of all proposed amendments.




Nominations shall be taken from the floor at the January regular meeting. Elections of the CCB officers shall be held annually in February.


  • If each office has only one candidate, the election will be held viva voce (by voice) per Robert's Rules of Order section 46. The President shall announce the ballot and call for approval of the entire ballot by general consent or simple majority. If the entire ballot is rejected, the President will call for votes, office by office, allowing new nominations from the floor before each vote. The candidates are elected viva voce by simple majority of those club members present. Absentee ballots will not be counted in this event. The list of candidates to be published within 2 weeks of the January meeting.

  • In the case where there is more than one nominee for an office, the following procedure shall be followed: The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of at least two club members in good standing. Not more than half of the Nominating Committee members may come from the current Executive Board. This committee will verify that nominees are members in good standing and that they agree to serve for the nominated office. The Nominating Committee prepares a ballot, listing each office with their associated candidates; it also provides a write-in slot. The ballot must be published on the club website within two weeks following the January regular meeting. The Nominating Committee distributes printed ballots at the February regular meeting to club members of good standing. A call for further nominations shall be made before voting. Absentee votes are allowed if the club member prints a ballot from the website, marks it, and personally delivers it to a member of the Nominating Committee prior to the start of the February regular meeting. After announcement to turn in ballots, all written ballots will be collected and tabulated by the Nominating Committee. The winner is determined by simple majority, and the results of the election will be announced.

The term of the new slate of officers shall commence at the end of the February regular meeting and continue for one year. The current officers may again be nominated and re-elected to serve in the same position, or another position, without term restrictions. Vacancies in the CCB offices shall be filled as appointed by the President, with the approval of the Executive Board. Vacancy of the office of President shall be filled by the advancement of the Vice President. The Secretary may then assume the position of the Vice President or continue on in the present position. The Executive Board may fill the vacated position by majority agreement.




The President shall:

  • Represent the CCB and be aware of all club activities

  • Appoint directors

  • Preside at the CCB regular meetings and Executive Board meetings

  • Have voting rights on the Executive Board

  • Authorize binding agreements on behalf of the CCB with approval of the Executive Board

  • Initiate working committees as needed


The Vice President shall:

  • Preside at meetings in the absence of the President

  • Support and represent the President as needed

  • Plan and coordinate programs for the regular monthly meetings

  • Have voting rights on the Executive Board


The Secretary shall:

  • Write minutes of the Executive Board meetings and submit the minutes to the Webmaster

  • Keep the official records of the CCB for archival in a timely manner

  • Have voting rights on the Executive Board


The Treasurer shall:

  • Administer receipt and disbursement of club funds

  • Obtain approval of disbursements over $500 by majority vote of the Executive Board

  • Maintain financial records

  • Maintain documents listing club assets

  • Provide written financial reports at the Executive Board meetings for inclusion in the Minutes

  • Provide an annual written account to the Executive Board

  • Support financial audits

  • Have voting rights on the Executive Board


The Public Relations officer shall:

  • Provide the CCB with timely information of community events and photographic opportunities

  • Provide information for publication of CCB activities

  • Promote the CCB to the community with information of interest to the public

  • Have voting rights on the Executive Board




The Newsletter Director shall:

  • Compose and write a monthly newsletter prior to the next scheduled monthly regular meeting

  • Submit a draft of the newsletter, prior to final release, to the President and Public Relations officer


The Membership Director shall:

  • Collect dues from new and current members

  • Advise members of their dues renewal status

  • Maintain a confidential, written membership list with pay status, email, and phone numbers


The Competition Director shall:

  • Coordinate judges for CCB monthly photo contests

  • Coordinate the quarterly photo contest, judged by the general membership

  • Support any other CCB photo contests

  • Gather information on regional and international photographic competitions


The Webmaster shall:

  • Be responsible for designing and maintaining the CCB web site

  • Keep website updated for all CCB events and activities

  • Work with the Executive Board regarding the context and content of the website