The organization shall be known as the Camera Club of Brevard, Inc. (CCB), located in the County of Brevard, Florida.



In recognition of photography as an art form, the CCB seeks to enhance the skills of the photographer via the following activities:


  • The presentation of educational programs

  • Sharing of operational skills and new techniques

  • Arranging juried competitions of photographic creations per CCB photo contest rules

  • Critiquing photographs

  • Organizing periodic photographic field trips

  • Communication with other photographic organizations




The Executive Board, as defined in Article 6, shall stipulate the place, date, and time of the regular monthly meetings of the CCB. All official meetings of the CCB and the Executive Board shall be conducted using Robert's "Rules of Order" as a general guide when appropriate, and at the discretion of the Executive Board. Exhibits and competitions shall be open to all members in good standing.




Completion of an application form is required. The club membership shall be open to any person, regardless of age, sex, religion or ethnicity. The yearly contribution for club memberships is set and adjusted by the Executive Board from time to time and recorded in the minutes of the board meeting. It is due in advance on January the 1st. For new club members, joining from July 1st to September 30th, the contribution shall be 1/2 of the annual rate. From October 1st through December 31st, new club members shall pay the full annual amount that will cover the rest of the current year and the whole of the following year. Full time undergraduate students shall pay 1/2 of the annual rate. Reduced family rates shall be available as determined by the Executive Board. Club members who meet these requirements are considered to be in good standing. The club membership rates shall be posted on the website.




The following officers shall be elected by the membership and given voting privileges:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Public Relations


The following Directors shall be appointed by the President:

  • Newsletter

  • Membership

  • Competitions

  • Webmaster

  • Field Trips